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We offer cloud mining, crypto investment management tools, multi GPU miner devices, ASIC, FPGA, HPC and much more...

To participate and earn income from the mining farm, all you need is own Merkury.IT tokens in your wallet! That's right, that simple.

Our network is constantly expanding and evolving. Listed below are tools to support our Merkury.IT community:


Competitive Advantage

Quickly access a capital fund, and combining the experience in the IT field, engineering and finance, an easily expandable cryptocurrency mining plant will be built.

Blockchain Infrastructure

The diversification of the mining equipment will guarantee the production of various cryptocurrencies. The capital produced will then be divided between the main top crypto, stable coins and projects on the metaverse, thus reducing the business risk.

Easy Token Integration

The global and decentralized system of our Merkury.IT token will allow the distribution of advantages and profits based on how many tokens you have and for how long. Through the Ethereum blockchain with the ERC20 Smart Contract will give the opportunity to benefit crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.

Energy efficient infrastructure

The miners will operate in the best conditions in premises equipped with photovoltaic panels. Or the use of mobile containers will allow the miners to be deployed in "green & off-grid" structures supported by renewable energy sources.


Initial offering of MEK tokens

Merkury.IT [MEK] token sales are distributed via Ethereum Smart Contract. There subdivision into phases of the collection allows a faster development of the project, which initially involves equipping the premises and assembling the GPU mining rigs.

Number of tokens issued

500’000’000 MEK


Step PreSale

1 MEK = 0,01 $


Token bonus to 10%

on purchases and affiliations


Sept. 1, 2023 - Aug. 31, 2024

Currencies accepted


Minimum per transaction

10 €


Sale Proceed Allocation


Initial Token Distribution


The Timeline

With the help of our team, collaborators and investors, these are the main stages we have reached and will develop.


ICO application

Our services and products are easily accessible online from both PC and iOS Mobile App, Android or Windows Phone. All you need is a device connected to the internet to participate in this world economy in crypto

Thanks to our platform we are able to satisfy the most varied needs for an Initial Coin Offering, such as:

  • Crypto wallet management for ERC20 (MEK)
  • Incremental monthly bonus transfer
  • Simplification of the KYC process
  • Purchase, withdrawal and distribution of MEK tokens
  • Referrals organization and advantages
  • Project development updates
Our Team

The Leadership Team

The Merkury.IT team combines life's passions with experience in crypto finance, engineering, marketing and research…

CEO & Engineer

Francesco Scaperrotta

CEO & Engineer

Achieved the specialist degree in Automotive Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin, Francesco Scaperrotta is dedicated to cryptography and the decentralized finance sector.

A great proponent of cryptocurrencies, a so-called Crypto Enthusiast, he deepened his knowledge of crypto mining, so much so that he became an expert in a short time. He establishes several mining farms based on GPU, ASIC and FPGA technology for private investors.

Crypto Enthusiast 100%
Decentralization 70%
PM & Digital Manager

Generoso Albanese

PM & Digital Manager

Areas of Operational Interest:

Growth Haking, Digital Transformation, Innovazione 4.0, Digital Marketing, Cryptoeconomy, E-Business, Fashion & Design E-commerce.

Crypto Enthusiast 65%
Decentralization 50%
CTO & Developer

Luigi Serafino

CTO & Developer

My name is Luigi Serafino, I am 30 years old, I am passionate about computer science, electronics and everything related to the scientific sector. For over 10 years I have been involved in website development and design of electronic devices with microcontrollers. I work for several companies in the online sales sector, dealing with all the IT infrastructure and the graphic part of the websites. This experience that lasted years, has made it possible for me to train and grow together with them. I am lucky to have been able to follow a company that produces accessories for a few years, thus giving me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on control machines with related modeling CADs.

Today I can offer a solid base and technical/IT knowledge for the construction and/or improvement of websites for the publication of one's own brand, for the sale of goods (e-commerce) and for procedures relating to 3D modeling and factory production.

Crypto Enthusiast 85%
Decentralization 65%

The operational group

Web & App Development
Assembly & maintenance of devices
Decentralized Finance
Promotion & Social Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is meant by crypto mining?

Crypto allows you to earn new cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., by validating the transactions carried out on the blockchain of the specific cryptocurrency. The remuneration is a function of the power made available on the network through the mining pool. The yield between crypto production and expenses (electricity supply, device costs, plant maintenance) becomes positive if mining is combined with proper management of technological evolution.

What is a mining farm?

The Mining Farm is a facility equipped with all the necessary equipment to extract (from English, "mine") Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Mining Farms were born as a result of the constant evolution of the mining process, which requires more technical, energy and financial resources.

What does ICO mean?

An ICO (acronym for Initial Coin Offering) is a financing mechanism for a new project initiative based on Blockchain, through the sale to the project lenders, in exchange for a fee, of tokens that guarantee some form of right on the initiative itself. .

Why are ICOs important?

The types of Token offered in the ICOs can be summarized in two main categories: utility tokens and security tokens. Utility tokens are a way to finance projects that previously could not be funded. To allow the construction of these ecosystems, some tokens can be "pre-extracted", as well as being sold in "crowd-sales" during the token offer. The usefulness of this token is that it will allow access to a company's product or service in the future. Security tokens (or asset tokens), on the other hand, are those tokens whose value is linked to a negotiable external asset. This type therefore becomes comparable to financial securities and is therefore subject to the rules governing them. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations could result in penalties and could threaten to derail the project. However, if startups met all regulatory obligations, Tokenized Security could have the potential for a wide variety of applications, the most promising of which is the ability to issue tokens representing company shares.

With which wallet can I receive the Merkury.IT [MEK] crypto?

The ERC20 Merkury.IT token can be managed and spent via hardware wallets (Ledger, Trezor, ...) or web wallets (Coinbase Wallet, MyEtherWallet, ...) of which you have the seed of the private keywords. We do not recommend the use of exchange wallets.

What can I do with MEK tokens during the initial steps?

During the ICO steps you can buy or sell MEK tokens to your contacts. The trading price will be regulated and increased monthly.

How does the MEK purchase bonus work?

It's very simple, just tell us your Ethereum ERC20 wallet address and we will send you the cumulative bonus. The percentage of bonus tokens is 10%.

How does the referral referral service to bring a friend to Merkury.IT?

Both the reported and the reporter will receive a bonus equal to 10% of the purchase transaction.
User Bonus = 10% for subscription membership
Referral Bonus = 10% per new user


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